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Make Possibilities Real

AbbVie employees work every day to discover solutions to address many of the world's most pressing health challenges.

United by Our Purpose

We are scientists, researchers, communicators, manufacturing specialists, regulatory experts, marketing professionals and more. We’re also parents, brothers, sisters, friends, community leaders and volunteers. We come together every day to create, discover and deliver new ways to improve people’s health.

Play an Important Role

At AbbVie, all career paths lead to the same outcome; improving lives. Whether you a work in the office, in the field or a combination of both the objective is the same. We offer development opportunities that provide you the chance to innovate, collaborate and demonstrate your passion for patients and professional excellence.

Meet the People. Share the Passion.

From our newest employees to our top executives, these beliefs drive how we work—and fuel successful careers. 

Breaking the Mold

“We’re constantly innovating new ways to make a difference and it’s an exciting industry to work in.” 

Damien Liuzzo, 
Professional Services Manager.

Sense of Purpose

“We share a great sense of purpose at AbbVie. We have a passion for innovation, for people and for making possibilities real.” 

Stefanie Reyes,
Training Pathway Lead, Therapeutic Neurotoxin.

Leading by Example

“Many companies have flexible workplace policies, but at AbbVie it’s in the DNA. We work hard, but we get the balance right.” 

Alvin Quah,
Corporate and Internal Communications Manager.

Making an Impact

“I am proud to tell others that I work here. On top of our work for patients, we also give back to the community through our volunteering efforts.” 

Nadia Yee,
Associate Brand Manager, HCV.

AbbVie Around the World

Each of our five regions offers a wide variety of opportunities.

Engaged Employees

Volunteerism and giving back is at the heart of how we operate. You’ll see this in a number of ways, including the huge impact our employees make every year during our Month of Possibilities.

Equality, Inclusion & Diversity

We’re focused on helping all of our people reach their potential.


Rewarded for Our Work and Our Actions

From Best Places to Work to Most Reputable Companies, we are proud of the recognition we’ve achieved.