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Equality, Inclusion & Diversity

Embracing equality, diversity and inclusion is fundamental at AbbVie. We offer our people the tools, training and experiences they need to reach their potential.

Driven by our Principles

At AbbVie, we embrace diversity and inclusion in all that we do. Our employees are the custodians of our commitment to diversity and together we ensure that it is a central part of our organisational culture. 

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) Council is sponsored by our most senior leaders and is run by a group of highly motivated and dedicated employees. The team have a solid strategy that is well resourced and measurable, to ensure that the commitment to ED&I is always treated as a core priority to the business.

Why it matters

For our people: When everyone can be themselves at work and when they’re treated with respect and dignity, we maximise every employee’s potential.
For our patients: Developing and delivering innovative life-changing medicines for our diverse patients with unique health challenges requires thoughtfulness and creativity that only comes from a wide range of inputs.
For our business: ED&I is good for our people and patients, and also for our business—strengthening performance, helping us innovate and understand our customers, and retaining the best talent.

People. Passion. Possibilities.

At AbbVie, we pride ourselves on being a leader in gender equity - not only amongst our pharmaceutical company peers but also in comparison to other industries across Australia.

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