Grants and Donations

We are committed to having a remarkable impact by going beyond medicines.

At AbbVie, we collaborate and innovate to make a remarkable impact on patient lives. As part of that goal, we provide financial support for projects that promote excellence in patient care, support disease awareness and provide education to healthcare professionals.  In addition, we also provide funding to support charities and their fundraising activities in the community.

For more information on applying for funding from AbbVie Australia download the AbbVie Funding Guide here:

AbbVie will consider requests for financial support for initiatives that include

  • healthcare education events or initiatives such as conferences, symposia or one-off meetings
  • disease awareness activities
  • production of education materials including print and digital content
  • fundraising activities 
  • donations to charities or not-for-profit organisations

Applications for support of medical research should be directed to the medical department, and follow a different application and approval pathway. For further information contact

AbbVie will not fund requests for

  • sporting clubs
  • any profit making entities - all organisations must be not-for profit or charities
  • equipment that may be used for personal and professional reasons such as mobile phones or laptops
  • funding of start-ups or operating costs of entities
  • staff salaries and benefits
  • Healthcare professional honorariums or travel costs. HCPs must apply directly to AbbVie for support through the individual funding process
  • capital, infrastructure or operating expenses such as office equipment, furniture, or facilities modifications.
  • events that are lavish, or associated with sporting or recreational activities such as golf days, football matches or musical events.
  • underwriting a commercial business or generate income for a practice or institution

Funding For Organisations

If you are an ORGANISATION that is seeking funding from AbbVie for any of the above, please download this form, complete your application and send it to:

We only accept applications at set times each year.  Please submit your application by the closing dates below.  Late applications will not be considered.

2021 Funding Application Closing Dates

JULY 30 

Funding For Individuals

If you are an INDIVIDUAL HCP or HCO member who is seeking funding from AbbVie to enable attendance of an educational meeting please download this form, complete your application and send it to:

Applications for individual sponsorship must be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to educational events held in Australia or New Zealand. For educational events held overseas applications must be submitted 8 weeks prior to the event.