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AbbVie Discovery Series

Building a medical revolution: How does a
medical discovery in a lab become a medicine that can transform patient lives?

Stories of scientific revolution & evolution

At the centre of life sciences is the ambition, and ability, to change people’s lives for the better.

The scale and enormity of the work completed by this industry, the scale and importance of the learning, is dizzying – and never ending.

Medical discovery involves an important ecosystem of collaborators and individuals whose knowledge, skills and resources combine to bring medicines to the millions.

Their work has a legacy effect that will last the rest of human history. We all know someone who has benefitted from this ambition, but the people behind it often go unsung.

The AbbVie Discovery Series goes behind the scenes on exactly what it takes to transform an initial scientific breakthrough into a medicine that has the potential to change lives. We shine a light on those individuals who have dedicated their lives to solving complex health problems and pay homage to the remarkable impact of their work.

Episode 3: In our sights – the battle against blood cancer

This short film highlights the remarkable achievements that have been made in discovering new approaches to diagnosing and treating blood cancer, while acknowledging that there is still much to be done to defeat this enemy. 

Episode 2: The hepatitis C revolution

In this episode we uncover the hepatitis C revolution through the eyes of a man who knows first hand how devastating the virus can be and why treatment is so important.