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Funding for educational event attendance

At AbbVie, we collaborate and innovate to make a remarkable impact on patient lives. Medical science evolves rapidly and we are pleased to offer support to healthcare professionals to continue their education to provide the best patient care possible. 

If you are an INDIVIDUAL HCP or HCO member who is seeking funding from AbbVie to enable attendance of an educational meeting please download this form, complete your application and send it to: [email protected]. There is NO need to submit a separate cover letter or letter of request with the application.

Please note, funding to attend an educational event is in no way dependent on or conditional upon the prescription, use, recommendation, dispensing or administration of an AbbVie Product.

Applications for individual sponsorship must be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to educational events held in Australia or New Zealand. For educational events held overseas, applications must be submitted 8 weeks prior to the event to allow for assessment, final approval and agreements to be signed.