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Don’s brush with liver cancer

Don Kirkpatrick
57 years
Wagga Wagga

"I may not be alive today if my dog hadn’t bitten my hand.”

Don (57), a cattleman and agricultural consultant from the south of Wagga Wagga in NSW was told he had liver cancer following routine blood tests and scans after his Border Collie, Jo Jo, bit his hand. The cancer was caused by hepatitis C and multiple lesions were found on his liver. He began to experience crippling stomach pains and nausea and was told he needed a liver transplant.

Don believes his hepatitis C infection was from knee reconstruction surgery in 1982 but it took over 30 years before he received a diagnosis after he experienced extreme tiredness and fatigue in 2011. At the time, Don did not want to take time off work and felt he could battle through the tiredness, which he did for the next seven years. This was a difficult period for a man who had worked the land all his life.

About six months after the dog bite, Don had a successful liver transplant and his hepatitis C infection was treated with direct-acting antivirals (DAAs). Don has made a full recovery and is now free of hepatitis C. He is now able to play an active part in the community.

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