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View names, product characteristics and patient information for our products.

AbbVie Products List

In Australia, AbbVie has a diverse product portfolio that supports a range of disease areas including immunology and neuroscience.   Our portfolio of biologics and specialty-focused medicines currently benefit more than 31,000 Australians.

Below you can find links to the relevant Healthcare Professional product information and patient information leaflets for each of our products. In compliance with regulations, we are unable to provide further information about our products on this website or any of our digital platforms. For Medical Information enquiries regarding an AbbVie product please contact [email protected]

Our products are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for specific uses. Product availability, name and indicated use may vary by country. Not all products may be listed. This list may be updated at any time. Always ask a healthcare professional for advice about medicines.

Medical Information Enquiries

For Australian Medical Information enquiries regarding a product please email [email protected]