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Patient Care

At AbbVie we are focused on helping patients lead healthier lives. 

A patient first approach

In Australia we have created patient support programs that currently benefit more than 14,000 patient lives and help support them for better health outcomes.

AbbVie’s patient support and services go far beyond basic disease information with support programs that enable them to remain as active and independent as possible and ensure optimal care.

Recent examples in Australia include:

  • Support of a program to help men with prostate cancer not only to manage their condition, but also gain strength, stamina and confidence in a community-based exercise program.
  • Support of people living with chronic inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease, by providing psychological support and helping them to set health goals and stay on the path to wellness.


patients are supported via AbbVie’s patient care programs in
*2017 data


Access to medicine

Compassionate access to medicines for patients in need is in accordance with TGA regulations. These patients may be unable to gain access to AbbVie medicines through reimbursement, and in a large number of cases AbbVie continues to provide these medicines for free for many years with no prospect of reimbursement. As part of AbbVie’s commitment to patient care we have provided free of charge medication to more than 3,700 patients in need across Australia and New Zealand since 2014.


Australian and New Zealand patients have received compassionate access to our medicines since 2014*

*2017 data