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Voices of AbbVie: Reflecting on a decade of impact

As we recognise 10 years as a company, what makes working at AbbVie unique? Our employees weigh in.

Voices of AbbVie

Since our inception in 2013, we’ve focused on taking on tough health challenges to make a real difference in people’s lives. In the past 10 years, we’ve invested close to AUD200 million to research, develop and discover new medicines and solutions. We’ve also expanded to over 450 employees who are focused every day on making a remarkable impact that lasts.

While we have made great progress, it’s only the beginning. As we recognise a decade of impact, we turned to our employees to reflect on what motivates their work, how culture plays a part and what they see for the future of our company.

Improving patient outcomes

According to Stefanie Reyes, a training pathway lead who works with the Therapeutic Neurotoxin team, everyone at AbbVie has a different role to play in transforming patient lives. She looks after educational program for healthcare professionals to build their skills, competence and confidence which translates to better patient outcomes. “We discover, we develop, we produce and we educate on a number of different medicines in a number of different diseases,” she says, “we make people’s lives better.”

For Alan Hagues who is the manager of supply chain for Australia and New Zealand, it is all about executing to plan because at the end of that plan, there is a patient who needs our medicine. “If we can get that product to the patient on time and in the right condition, we can make a remarkable impact on that patient’s life”, he says.

Inclusive culture

Seona Cain, a Strategic Account Lead at Allergan Aesthetics believes one of the best thing about AbbVie is the inclusive culture. “We welcome everybody to be their true selves - it brings out the best in everybody”, she says. Diverse perspectives are valued, and it benefits the company and also the patients.

Innovative solutions

Finding innovative solutions to challenges so patients can benefit from our medicines is what excites Jessica Kanevsky, Head of Legal.

When asked what her friends think AbbVie does, she says “my friends think that I work with a company that comes up with innovative solutions for people that need access to medicine”.

The past decade has been a source of growth and change not just for the company but also personally for Anneliese Van straaten, who is our office manager in New Zealand. She is proud of the positive changes the company has made and is hoping that the journey that we have embarked as a company will “set up the scene for the next ten years”.