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Join the team who are helping solve the medical challenges of tomorrow

By Emma Pinkerton, AbbVie Director, Country Clinical Operations Management ANZ 

Clinical research is key to advancing modern medicine and expanding treatment options so we can address the serious health issues that we face today and uncover solutions to the ones of tomorrow. At the heart of this important work lies one thing – people.

The remarkable individuals involved in Clinical Research share the common goal of driving tangible positive outcomes to help patients all over the world. Members of clinical research teams make a massive contribution to the lives of individuals and communities.

Being a CRA involves a strong communication and engagement, as interaction with our on-site trials team is one of the key functions of the role. That’s why CRAs are known for possessing excellent interpersonal skills, clarity and flexibility. These on-site connections are rewarding for everyone involved.

From the perspective of a recently diagnosed patient, deciding to participate in a clinical trial involves much more than just making an informed decision on the best course of treatment to follow. In most cases, it also involves coming to terms with their illness, understanding what treatments are available and other unexpected repercussions to their lives they may have to consider following a diagnosis. Working in clinical trials means demonstrating integrity and ethics in everyday decisions, especially when it comes to engagement and honesty with site staff and patients.

The role of a CRA is truly multi-dimensional, and advancing scientific progress is one of many ways we contribute to patient communities.

CRAs at AbbVie drive new, innovative pharmaceutical research, supporting over 100 ongoing trials in Australia & New Zealand. This, perhaps, makes it one of the most rewarding and exciting careers for those interested in medical research and advancing healthcare. Exploring and assessing innovative drugs, interacting with diverse groups of people and hearing incredible stories - all of that is a part of an everyday working life of clinical operations team member.

Being a co-creator of a better future for generations to come is one of the best ways to give back to communities. At AbbVie Australia, we recognise the immense value that our clinical operation teams are delivering to communities in Australia and globally. Our organisation is driven by employee feedback, and seeing over 95% of our employees are proud of how we contribute to the community, confirms that we have set our priorities right.

Our mission is to keep creating medicines that have a positive impact on patients’ lives and clinical operations team is central in driving that work. If it wasn’t for their contributions and the broader clinical trials community, we would not have access to the therapies that are now commonplace; nor could we have hope to find new, safe and more effective treatments to diseases that impact our community. 

If you are interested in becoming a part of the clinical research team at AbbVie Australia visit